The pillow challenge

Who wore it best? – The pillow challenge

You might have caught wind of this hype on Instagram, but the pillow challenge has been circling social media for a few weeks now. We have enjoyed each and every one of these posts, because it is great to see how creative people can get when they are stuck at home. It’s like making the best of the situation and that is the mentality we love! Next to the fact that these hilarious dress-up challenges are very inspirational to see. These girls look absolutely stunning in their morning pillow outfits, filled with the right accessories, styling and camera angle, these influencers really nailed it.

We wouldn’t even be surprised if this would become the next big thing on the runway by the end of the year, funny enough. As far as we can tell, the fashion trend was started by @myforteisfashion and @stylebynelli at the beginning of April, and it has since taken on many other forms through the hashtags #pillowdresschallenge, #pillowchallenge, and more. 

The idea behind the challenge originated because influencers had nowhere to go anymore or nobody to dress up for. Since everybody was supposed to stay home during Covid-19, girls came up with a creative way in expressing their feel for fashion for the right occasion and spot….home and bed. We summed up our favourites who wore it best, because how great can one look in a pillow right?

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