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Aveau is a Dutch minimalistic fashion label, striving to inspire and empower independent women around the world to bring out their inner beauty and to create their own style. Aveau started designing their own collection in 2019. Aveau has been specially designed for the minimalistic fashionista, women that want to express themselves through fashion and style. Pieces designed with purity, where femininity plays a major role. As a result of keeping minimal fashion in mind, the initial collection has a soft and feminine side, yet combined with tough and minimalistic lines. The current collection exists of beautiful and soft fabrics, a wide color range and an amazing shape designed for each body. The comfort collection really emphasizes the female work environment. This collection consists of work-related designs and business couture. This collection includes blazers, pants and basic tops. Taking the designs to the next level by creating a sleek look with many different styles. This collection consists of different shapes such as flared, fitted and wide pants. Long and cropped blazers and basic short and long-sleeved shirts. The comfort collection is very neutral and exists of earthy tones, such as black, sand, white, navy, baby blue, olive green. This collection is focused on keeping the feminine side alive with a hint of ruggedness. Aveau finds inspiration for new collections in emerging trends, combined with personal memories where purity and simplicity play a central role.

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