Nothing extra, but nevertheless extravagant. Flawless and timeless, like a diamond.

 White that’s made of light. Black that swallows you whole.

Female style represented by smooth curves, simplicity, and classic styles.  

Collections are presented mid-season to accentuate the cheeky, anti-trend, timeless designs.        

Emphasizing empathy between price and quality, never sacrificing on vision: to provide flawless fashion in minimalistic garments.

Inspired by travels, with memories that often focus on the joy of simple things: founder and CEO of Aveau Sammy Kalksma believes that true value lies in simplicity.

A vision which is clearly represented in her designs.

To inspire women worldwide to embody their femininity, strive to realize their passion, empower them in their everyday affairs and encounters.

Developing a personal style is choosing how your identity takes visual form. 

You get to decide every day


Sammy Kalksma
CEO & Founder
Roger Rosweide
Content Strategist
Sybren van Kesteren
Growth Hacker
Jana Armstrong
Press agent

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