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Lovely shoppers, we want to thank you for believing in us and supporting us. We want to welcome you to our new shopping environment and hope you enjoy our new designs and shopping experience.

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As you may have noticed, we have launched our new website last week, giving the website the same look and feel as our designs. We stand for minimalism and female empowerment. With our improved platform we want to share with you all of our experiences, stories and updates. Because we have put so much attention into detail, we would like to take the opportunity of this first journal entry to introduce the faces behind Aveau. We want to share our stories with you, to create a personal touch, and a long-lasting relationship.


Team Aveau

Sammy Kalksma

CEO & Creative Director Aveau

Four years ago, I started Aveau. At first, this was just an online clothing platform with different brands. I had a very specific vision for Aveau and I had difficulties finding the right products that would support this vision. This is why I started thinking about designing my own collection. Back then, it was more a dream than a reality. With a lot of help of my family and loved ones, this dream became real. Last year, I launched my first collection of minimalistic designs with a hint of edge. All collections are based on my travels, inspiration from around the world, and personal memories. I wanted to keep the first collection very basic, so we could build from there. Meanwhile we have grown as a company, we have amazing people working for us and I am still reaching for the stars! The best is yet to come. This year will be an amazing year for us and we can’t wait to share it with you. Do you want to read more about Aveau as a brand? Have a look at OUR STORY.

In these crazy times we want to thank you for supporting us and express our gratitude. We hope all of you stay safe and healthy and we believe that we will overcome this together. In the end we will be even stronger, wiser and more appreciative of life.

We hope to share our collection and vision with you and welcome you into the Aveau Family.

Step by step, day by day
#stayhome #stayhealthy #♥

Roger Rosweide

Social Content Manager & Photographer

Roger graduated from the VU University in Amsterdam. Here he completed the studies Communication and Information Sciences and also General Culture Sciences before continuing his masters Fashion Culture and Management in Bologna. He became involved in the media industry after his studies. Roger is a true entrepreneur with a lot of experience in cross-media storytelling. ‘This is why I am passionate about Aveau, as a small team we work together to convey a message about the philosophy of the brand and create the best strategy to spread this message through multiple available channels. Our goal is to empower the story we tell and to spread this message through the right channels, to reach the right group of people. Each channel gives the story more power and we love seeing it grow.’ The most important part of Aveau is that it’s a brand for powerful women by powerful women. Aveau inspires females, based on its minimalism, independence and purity. It gives each women the chance to develop her own style and feel empowered by it. Strong individuals can afford minimalistic style.

“Believe it, until you see it”

Jana Armstrong

Global PR & Influencer Manager

Jana always had a special place for fashion, ever since she was a little girl, she loved the way models dressed in magazines and how they were styled. Since the beginning it was her dream and passion to work in fashion and be a part of a team passionate about creating a vision, rather than just another label. She has worked in public relations for 10 years, for many different labels. In 2018 she graduated in communication science, specialized in branding, media and design. In 2019 she joined the Aveau team as influencer-manager and worked her way up to both press and influencer manager. ‘The core communication of a company is the story within, a story that needs to be communicated to the world, through the right channels in the right way. In order to communicate a story, you must understand the message and who is receiving the message and how they receive it. That is what we try to do for Aveau, their message is so strong, and they have a beautiful story to tell. It is a story worth sharing and I am so happy to be part of a team that works around the clock to make sure that story is spread in the right way to achieve all the right goals.’ 

‘In these crazy times, I hope everybody stays safe and supports each other. We need to show strength and support to everybody around us so we can make it out together and build an even stronger foundation when this is all over. Stay safe & Stay healthy!’

Sybren van Kesteren

Campaign Master & Data Analist

Sybren van Kesteren is on a mission to help entrepreneurs punch above their weight by providing tools, insights and know-how that allow them to truly understand the impact of marketing in their organisation. Not only is he comfortable in a consulting position, providing data driven strategic insights on the entire conversion funnel, his unique skillset and experience also allows him to build highly profitable businesses through Facebook advertising. His marketing philosophy originates from an understanding that Machine Learning systems have already outpaced human performance in many narrow marketing tasks. He believes that organisations willing to adopt a data driven marketing culture are likely to stay ahead. Next to helping businesses in the marketing domain, his passion for entrepreneurship has led him to be involved in several projects furthering his mission to create a positive impact in the world.

‘I love working for Aveau, because it gives me the oppertunity to help spread a beautiful brand across different platforms. Working as a freelancer is great, but to be part of a passionate team is even better! I love the vision Aveau carries and hope to grow this vision into something greater’

‘When our prime minister announced the corona restrictions, it all the sudden came very close.  All the sudden, businesses where overtaken by a wave of insecurity, doubt and confusion.  Within the team we already had put several minor precautions in place like de-sanitizing hands when entering the building and we were already encouraging people to work more from home.  It’s been a month now since I’ve last seen my colleagues. However, we still talk daily on the phone or via Zoom.  It’s definitely a good test for us to work remote and still create wonderful things!’

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